All-Russian scientific and practical youth conference "Software and hardware for automated systems"

Barnaul, Russia
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9 Nov 2018
09:30 - 15:00
АлтГТУ, Barnaul, Russia


All-Russian scientific and practical youth conference "Software and hardware for automated systems"

   The Organizing Committee of the All-Russian Scientific-Practical Youth Conference Organizing Committee "Software and Technical Support of Automated Systems" invites students, undergraduates, graduate students and young scientists aged before you to participate in the conference which will be held on November 09, 2018 in Barnaul in Altai State Technical University. I.I. Polzunova.
   The purpose of the conference is the exchange of experience in the field of development and research of information-measuring systems, automated and automatic information processing systems, automatic control, control and regulation systems, as well as other software and hardware-software complexes and their components.
The proceedings of the conference will be published in the form of a collection of proceedings of the conference. The best reports will be awarded with diplomas, and full-time participants can receive the corresponding certificates on the basis of their speeches.
   The collection is assigned ISBN and its copies are sent to the libraries of the Russian Federation according to the established list. The collection of last year was in general and itemized indexed by RINC. Materials for the collection should be sent to the address of the organizing committee by e-mail with the indication of the topic "PTOAS" until October 29, 2018.   Self-unpacking archives NOT TO APPLY!
   For registration of the application for participation in the conference it is necessary to copy the application form with the information about the report and the participants of the conference from the site, a file with the sample of materials for publication in the collection of proceedings of the conference. All the points of the application must be completed, otherwise the registration of the publication in the RICC will be impossible.
   The volume of conference materials (articles, a report or its theses) is from two to three pages.
   Thematic sections of the conference
1. General issues of calculation and design of software and hardware for solving measurement, control, and automation tasks;
2. Methods and means of measurement;
3. Information systems, measuring and control systems
4. Measurement, control, automation and informatization in medicine, ecology, financial and economic sphere and in education;
5. Elements, devices and software for measurement, control and automation;
6. Information security of automated systems

    The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject materials whose content does not correspond to the subject of the conference, as well as the right to correct the names and structure of thematic sections within the above topics, taking into account the received material.


Алтайский государственный технический университет им. И.И. Ползунова, Факультет информационных технологий
Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education "Altai State Technical University. of I.I. Polzunov »


+7 (3852) 29-07-86 - doctor of technical sciences, professor Yakunin Alexey Grigorevich (general and organizational issues),; +7 (3852) 29-07-18 - head of laboratories Sokolova Irina Mikhailovna (technical editor, payment progress, other technical issues)

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Cost of participation

Participation in the conference is free of charge, except for authors who wish to personally purchase a collection of conference materials. Approximately the cost of the collection will be about 500 rubles and will be specified after its layout. The conference materials will be sent to non-resident authors after payment, which will need to be done within 10 days after receiving information on the price of the collection (approximately - by the time of the conference.